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Our main activity is customized CNC machining and construction. Our construction office is equipped with two licences of AUTODESK INVENTOR and a colour plotter. Within our limits we can prepare: The main activities of the construction office are: Design of other structural units, several interesting examples of which are described below::

VK 4 tipping container for metal splinters

We have had serious troubles with the solution of management and handling of metal splinters. Metal splinters are either removed manually or nowadays mostly by an automatic extractor from the CNC machine to the adjacent container which however is filled up quickly and it must be taken away somewhere. Emptying to a big freight container is not comfortable and the container is filled to less than its capacity. Any handling of the metal splinters is difficult and dangerous since they are very sharp. A much more safer and comfortable solution is to empty the splinters first to smaller containers on an access ramp with hoppers from which they are further emptied by fork lifts according to the type of material (steel, aluminium, brass ...) to big freight containers designed for transport to the scrapyard.
That is why we have searched for a tipping container which would provide for productive emptying of metal splinters. Surprisingly, we have not found any suitable solution. Regular mechanical tipping containers are too small and often the tip is not enough. Often you have to put the container back to its original position manually, which when emptying several containers daily in all weathers is not really what we prefer.
Another solution is to use a hydraulic tipping container but imagine connecting and disconnecting a quick coupling 10 times a day! Frequent connecting and disconnecting would only result in its early wear and hydraulic oil leak. That is why we declined this option and decided to prepare our own solution. 
The whole tipping mechanism of the container is hidden in its lower part and fits the width of the container itself. The fork lift approaches the hopper, lifts the container a fastens the supporting bracket so as not to fall from the forks. After moving to the emptying location the fork lift lifts the container up, slight tipping of the post makes the container move out and tip at the end of the lift. Empty container is then moved back to its original position by means of springs, so the engineer does not have to get out of the fork lift cab. An extreme benefit is the sliding itself since it enables emptying far from the post head. Metal splinters are usually not heavy, still you need to know that to empty them you need a fork lift with tipping post which is a bit more sturdy. We use Linde lift with a load capacity of 4t. If you are interested we can make and deliver the tipping container itself.

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