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KASTR is a Czech family company established in 1992 as a building and engineering company with headquarters in the small town Rozhrani. After several years the company has been divided into a building division and a mechanical engineering division and the company KASTR became a purely engineering company. The mechanical engineering activities consist of machining of parts on the customer´s order the machined parts are made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, or of plastic materials; moreover, the company deals with assembly of part groups and manufacture of light welded structures.
The company was among the first engineering companies in the Czech Republic invest in state-of-the-art CNC machines and machining centers; as a result, it became competitive even on West-European. The company has been a long-term certificated supplier of the Czech Railway a.s. because it produces a wide range of locomotive components.

A design department also arose within the small family business in 2000; this department firsty focused on the developing one-shot fixtures for the company´ s own production. Later the department started solving or improving various structural sub-groups for its customers directly; afterwards, the company produced and supplied them. The most significant projects solved at the company´ s own design department are:

The design department is equipped with two licenses of AUTODESK INVENTOR and a color plotter. In combination with software GIBBS CAM, two licenses of which were also purchased by our company, programs for the CNC machines are generated directly from the Inventor-created models. During its development the company has multiplied its production facilities more than three times and built a driveway of its own. Recently it has a machine fleet of 14 CNC machine tools and overall 24 employees. Its main production program is manufacturing of components for rail vehicles, wood-working machines, armament industry, etc.

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