Clamping devices & Others

Clamping devices


A new clamp KASTR CU-T 77 is a special type of a centric clamp with hard toothed jaws developed for four-axial and five-axial machining, but it can also be used for many applications on three-axial machining centers.

Multispanner MU7

Multi clamping system MU7

Multiple clamps MU 7 have been developed for clamping of semi-products on vertical and horizontal machining centers, and their application may be even more varied. They enable to clamp on 3 mm in hard jaws, and in comparison with standard vices, it is possible to clamp more workpieces and to make a better use of the machine space. The scope of application is widened by soft jaws, in which any shape or recess, countersink, etc. can be milled. There is no necessity of creating a one-shot fixture for each untypical product, which is usually very expensive.

Carusel RSVS jaw boxes



The smallest vice series is designated for the fastening screw pitch 80 mm and longer. The MINI can be used at every place where a reliable clamping is needed, but where the built-up space is of the minimum size. This vice series can be used in an excellent way as a substitution of a side clamp, pressing and clamping element on the fixtures, for middle-sized.



The standard vice series for smaller and middle-sized vertical and horizontal lathes (RSHS version) are with T-groove pitches 125 mm and longer. Usual dimensions of the T-grooves are 125, 140, 152, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180 mm. We are ready to offer any version and adjust the vice to your lathe table.



The heavy vice series for demanding applications and large vertical lathes. The minimum groove pitch is 170 mm, clamping power is100 kN. The usual T-groove pitches are 170, 180, 200, 250 mm. Same as with the RSVS-S series, we will adjust the vice to your lathe table so that all the clamping and arresting elements satisfy your needs and the safe use is guaranteed.



The extreme vice series for heavy duty machining and vertical lathes, the table diameter of which usually exceeds 10 m. The vice is able to develop the clamping power up to 200 kN. This vice series is always manufactured on order according to the particular type of the machine, type of the table, and the customer´s other possible requirements.


Soft jaws for chucks

Soft jaws for chuck

Soft jaws for metric gear: Pitch 1.5mm, top ankel 60°. We also do the widthly jaws for camping of langer parts.



Portable nut for T-groove.

Hohe sechkantmutter mit flacher Sitzfläche.

High six-ankel nut with plane contact surface

Suitable for general using. Excellent for clamping on preparation. Contact surface is cemented, hardened to t 56 ± 2 HRC and grinded.

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